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Our leadership team is dedicated to supporting our Pastor in ensuring the education of our members and glorifying Christ. 

Ministry Advancement:

In his role as church administrator RJ Suttles is in charge of ministry advancement. It is the duty of the church administrator to make sure that the vision of our pastor is expressed in the best possible light. In order to do that RJ makes an effort to work hand in hand with all of the ministries within the church. By doing that each person working in the ministry is provided the tools needed so they can complete the task set in front of them. We do all things as unto the Lord at Body of Christ Outreach Ministries, because of that mind set it is the duty of the church administrator to ensure that all of our leadership team and church members present themselves with a certain level of integrity, everybody knows their responsibilities, and everybody is on the same page so that we can move as one body. RJ has made it known that although he holds the title of church administrator, ministry advancement is the responsibility of all of our members so that the kingdom agenda can be accomplished.


Elder RJ Suttles is the youngest son of senior pastor Ron Suttles Sr. and first lady Bridget Suttles. Recently married in August of 2012 RJ and his beautiful wife Takiyah Suttles enjoy spending time working in the church, studying to finish their respective degrees in English and Nursing, and fellowship with their close friends and family. Originally from Springfield, MA, RJ was lead to Leavenworth, KS in 2001 by his father, a modern day Abraham, in order to claim his spiritual authority and rule in his Canaan the way God preordained.

Outreach Ministry:

Jonathan Olgetree is our Outreach Coordinator. He is responsible for coordinating efforts to aid and assist those who are in need within and outside of the church. He is responsible for the development and directions of efforts to reach the lost. He is to identify persons/organizations, which may be instrumental in supporting our efforts to serve the community. He is accountable to the Pastor and is to seek the Pastor's council before making decisions.


Elder Jonathan Olgetree has been married to Illewellyn Ogletree since June of 2003. Together they have six children and two grand children. Jonathan has been with the Body of Christ Outreach Ministries since it's origination in January 2008 and was ordained in July of 2008. Jonathan has a Master of Arts degree in Management with a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Management.


Deacon Robert Harris is senior deacon at the Body of Christ Outreach Ministries. He is responsible for church operations. He provides support to ministries, deaconesses, greeters, and even aids in maintaining and improving the physical asthetics of the church.


Originally from Alabama, Deacon Harris was a military man who has seen much of the world. When he retired in 1996 he was last stationed in Leavenworth, KS where he decided to start a new life. In and out of the church growing up Deacon Harris knew that at this point in his life he had to find a church home. Through his work in corrections here in Leavenworth, KS he met Pastor Suttles and officially joined the church in 2009. After two years of training under Pastor Suttles Deacon Harris was formally ordained in 2011 and has been proudly serving in this capacity ever since.


Youth Ministry: (13 years old to 17 years old)

Illewellyn Ogletree is our Youth Minister. She is responsible for organizating, coordinating, and implementing our youth and children's ministries. She is to seek the direction of Pastor Suttles for lesson planning so as to coincide with adult discipleship. The youth at Body of Christ Outreach Ministries has plenty of "SWAG" because they have been taught that they have been "Saved With Amazing Grace". Our youth partake in what we call the "Known Program". They are taught to know who they are, who god is, and their roles in the kingdom agenda. They are taught to own their faith and identify themselves with Christ. And most importantly they are taught to make known their new found identity and share the word of God that has been given to them.


Elder Illewellyn Ogletree married Jonathan Ogletree in June of 2003. She is the mother of six children and two grand children. She is currently seeking a degree in Health Care Administration and has been attending Body of Christ Outreach Ministries since January of 2008.

Little Warriors of G.R.A.C.E:

Childrens Ministry: (newborn to 12 years old)

Takiyah Suttles has been empowered to lead children's church every Sunday morning in accordance with the direction given to her from Elder Illewellyn Ogletree by way of Pastor Suttles. Takiyah is instrumental in cirriculum selection and is responsible for seeking new and innovative ways to reach our children. In our "little warriors of grace" cirriculum our children learn to appreciate God's Riches At Christ Expense.


Recently married in August of 2012 Takiyah and her husband are imbarking on a new journey together as man and wife. She is a certified nursing assistant and is working toward a degree as a registered nurse.

Women of Worth:

Women's Group: (Isaiah 61: 1-3)

The women at Body of Christ Outreach Ministries are. . . . WOW!!!! Led by the first lady of our church Bridget Suttles it is taught that through practicing biblical principles all women can become "Women of Worth". The desire of our first lady is to raise up a group of women that are living up to their fullest potential physically, mentally, and spiritually. In weekly meetings the women at Body of Christ Outreach Ministries are taught to "Witness Our Righteousness Through Him".

Son's of Issachar:

Men's Group: (1 Chronicles 12:32)

The son's of Issachar were a group of men that understood the times. Because of their wisdom they sought after the direction of God so that they could lead their families to prosperity. That is exactly what takes place in our men's group. Led by Pastor Suttles himself the son's of issachar gives the men of the church a chance to roll up their sleeves and do the hard work of changing this world by starting with the man in the mirror.

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